Sport Registration Procedures


    1. At the beginning of each academic semester, Intramural Sports will provide a schedule of events to be offered to eligible participants. This schedule will outline all important dates, Event Fee, and other basic information regarding those specific events, including the registration period for each event.
    2. Registration will begin 14 days before the scheduled Sport Orientation Meeting for the event. Current registration forms will be made available at that time at the SRWC Service Desk.
    3. To be guaranteed participation in the event, the Event Fee and completed entry form must be submitted by Prioirity Registration Deadline, as outlined on the Registration Form and the online Registration Notice. A Late Registration period will begin thereafter ending on the designated at at 1:00pm. Participation options will not be guaranteed or modified during the late registration period.
    4. Each sport has potentially three league types: Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Recreational;
    5. Each league will have a variety of conferences to give like-minded teams the opportunity to compete together. Each conference will also be divided into multiple divisions, to easily accommodate teams with facilities. Potential conferences are:
      1. Greek
      2. Res Hall
      3. Open
    6. The Intramural Sports program reserves the right to refuse participation to teams or individuals with a poor attendance or sportsmanship history.
    7. Registration fees will be immediately refunded only in the event the sport or league is cancelled. Other conditions for a refund will be considered on a case by case basis.
    8. Forms not directly submitted to an SRWC Staff Member at the Service Desk will not be considered for registration and will be destroyed.
    9. Fraudulently completed or submitted forms will be denied, regardless of payment status.
    10. Sport Orientation Meeting
      1. Each event will have a separate Sport Orientation Meeting, typically held at night on the Tuesday before the first scheduled day of play. This meeting’s schedule will be available on the Sport Entry Form and the Intramural Sports website.
      2. Each team, who has a selected a divisional time slot, must have one representative attend the Sport Orientation Meeting. Divisional time slots will not be given at the meeting.
      3. If a team is not represented at the Sport Orientation, their selected divisional time slot will not be forfeited at the conclusion of the Sport Orientation meeting. However, the team will be penalized 15 Rating Points to begin season play.
      4. INDIVIDUAL/DUAL SPORTS EXCEPTION: Each participant must attend – failure to attend will result in being removed from the event without refund.
    11. Individual Sport/Small Team Sport Registration:
      1. The event Entry Form will designate the scheduling format for the event, as it is possible for the scheduling format to differ from event to event.
      2. All components of the entry form must be completed. The person intending on participating in the event must be listed as the participant(s) for the event.
      3. There are no sportsmanship points or time slots to consider for this sports type.
    12. Team Sports Registration:

    In order for a team/participant to be scheduled within an event, the team/participant must provide a completed entry form with the roster information completed and the entry fee paid in full by the posted registration deadline. A completed entry form and roster consists of the following:

    1. The name of the team and the desired league & conference must be clearly identified. If a team elects to play in the Res Hall or Fraternity/Sorority leagues, that team must identify which Dorm or Greek organization they represent (a dorm or Greek organization may enter more than one team).
      • There will be no team names for Individual Sports.
    2. The Team Manager Information Section must be completed in full. Contact information is required as the Intramural Staff may need to contact the team regarding days of play, event participation, or other Intramural Sports related business. This information will not be given/sold/used for anything other than Intramural or University business.
      • For Individual Sports, the Team Manager Information Section will represent the participant’s information. This information must be specific to the individual and must not be a generic set of information if the participant is representing a larger group. Failure to correctly provide unique information for each form will result in a participation penalty for that individual.
    3. There will be a minimum number of participants required to submit a completed Entry Form, and this number will be provided on the bottom of each form. Rosters not having the required number of participants will be turned away and returned to the submitting team representative.
    4. If a listed team member does not have all of the required information completed, that individual will not be considered an active member of the team until the inaccuracies or omissions are resolved. He/She will not be permitted to participate until these issues are resolved. EXCEPTION: If an Individual Sport Entry Form does not have the required information completed, the form will be returned to the submitting individual as an incomplete form.

    1. Divisional Time Slot Selection and Availability
      1. Available time slot selection concludes at 5:00pm on the designated end of Priority Registration, as outlined on a sport’s entry form.
      2. Remaining time slots will be made available after the Sports Orientation Meeting through 1:00pm the Friday following the Sports Orientation Meeting. Team’s selecting time slots after the Sport Orientation Meeting will be charged the entry fee along with a late fee.
      3. No team will be allowed to change their chosen time slot until the day after the Sport Orientation meeting. This change must occur with the assistance of the Intramural Sports Staff.
      4. Time slot expansion will be left to the discretion of the Intramural Sports Staff. Expansion will not occur:
        1. If there are openings in other time slots of similar conferences or leagues.
        2. After the Sports Orientation Meeting
      5. Teams with historically poor attendance or sportsmanship may be limited in their choices for participation.
    2. Under usual conditions, each league will participate in a Round-Robin format tournament. Other scheduling formats may be used based on facility and staffing status. Unless otherwise stated on the Team Entry Form and Roster, league scheduling will be in a Round-Robin format.


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