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Individuals who do not have a full team or do not know of any teams to join for a sport and are interested in participating are considered a “Free Agent”. Within the UNLV Intramural Sports program there are multiple ways to improve a Free Agent’s chances of participating in the current Intramural Sports season.  Additionally, as much as we want every UNLV Student to have an opportunity to play, there will be times when the connection just doesn’t work out.  As each team does submit a registration form and fee to participate, Intramural Sports will not force any team to accept a Free Agent participant.  History and research has shown that Free Agents forced upon a team end up with less playing time and develop less of a connection to the other players on the team.

If at any time you have a problem with any of these steps, please feel free to contact us!

1. Register as a Free Agent on IMLeagues.com

By registering on IMLeagues.com as a Free Agent, you will be able to market yourself to the teams that will be interested in picking up additional players.  Throughout each sports season there are always teams looking for additional players, and many will have this fact announced with a “Seeking Players” tab next to their team name.  By registering, you will be considered a de facto participant in the League and will have the ability to contact the Team Captains looking for additional players.

  1. Go to http://www.imleagues.com/unlv and log in with your username and password. (Please Note: If you do not already have a username/password for IMLeagues, please visit our IMLeagues information page for details on how to register)
  2. At the top of the screen in the middle of the page will be a link for the UNLV IMLeagues home page (please click on the link).  From that page, in the upper-right corner of the screen will be a link to “Register”.  When you mouse over the link, the option for “Join as Free Agent” will appear (please click on the link).
  3.  Select the Sport and League that you are interested in joining as a Free Agent (i.e. Flag Football (F) – Men’s 2012).  A list with all of the currently registered teams will appear, along with buttons labeled “Create Team” and “Free Agent” (please click the “Free Agent” button).
  4. You will be asked to fill out the Participant Waiver on SurveyMonkey (please see the link and follow to the outside website) as well as provide some information about you so prospective Team Captains will be able to contact you to play.
  5. To complete this task for multiple Leagues (i.e. Women’s and CoRec) you will need to repeat this process for each League.

2. Attend a Free Agent Meeting

Free Agents looking for teams and Team Captains looking for players are invited to attend the Free Agent meeting associated with the sport of choice.  Each meeting is held the Tuesday prior to the close of a sport’s registration in the SRWC Conference Rooms at 5:30pm.  To check on the date of the next meeting, please visit this year’s activity calendar.

3. Use the Intramural Sports social media sites

Please feel free to Tweet at us or mention us in a Facebook post so that our other followers will get the word that you are interested in playing in your sport of choice.  However, please be aware that the Intramural Sports Staff does monitor these web properties and will hold persons posting inappropriate material accountable for their actions.

4. Attend Intramural Sports Events at the night/time you are able to play

Many teams are looking for players at the last minute, often without knowing they were going to look for a new player until showing up that night.  By being a registered Free Agent, Intramural Sports will relax a sport’s jersey requirement for you (on the first night of play only) to help you get involved with a team.  While this can be hit or miss near the end of a sport season, the first two or three days of play often provide the best opportunity to become involved.

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